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BrainJuicer Customer Story

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Posted: 15 September 2020
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Improving traveller satisfaction and achieving cost savings with BrainJuicer

Customer BrainJuicer is an innovative international market research agency with strategic business relationships and thought leadership engagements in developed and emerging markets. BrainJuicer began working with Egencia in 2010 and, after a successful trial in the UK, expanded the partnership to their 11 offices worldwide. Within a few months, online adoption rose from 0% to over 85%, with BrainJuicer seeing significant improvements to traveller satisfaction and cost savings as a result. Challenge BrainJuicer’s offline travel programme was failing to meet the needs of the company’s staff. Due to the lack of an online solution, the organisation’s travellers were becoming frustrated by poor inventory visibility, and the difficulty they faced if trips needed to be amended or cancelled. In late 2010, BrainJuicer conducted a global travel review and identified a number of key areas to improve the effectiveness of their travel programme including traveller satisfaction, itinerary management, online and offline services and technologies. Solution Incorporating BrainJuicer’s brief and the key elements identified in their global travel review, Egencia presented a travel solution which highlighted the cost and service benefits of a combined online/offline service:
  • Empower travellers through practical, intuitive online solutions that help them make smarter travel decisions leading to greater savings
  • Implement online tools to help reduce spend per trip, strengthen supplier relationships and pursue strategic savings initiatives
  • Provide 24/7 access to professional travel consultants, delivering expert support wherever travellers are
  • Provide an intelligent travel marketplace to travellers that leverages the purchasing power of Expedia Inc. to deliver the broadest range of travel content
Once these changes were implemented, BrainJuicer reached a 85% online adoption rate and reduced their average air ticket price by 22%. Read the full story here
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