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Checklist: What to know about getting your travellers back on the road

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Posted: 03 November 2020

It’s been a whirlwind all around over the course of this year with COVID-19, and managing business travel was no exception. The landscape has changed, and as your business travel partner, Egencia is here to help you navigate. Now that your travellers are getting back on the road, we’ve compiled a checklist with five steps you can take to be proactive and prepared. Download the checklist to learn:

  • How to get company buy-in – and from whom -- for getting your travellers back on the road
  • Make sure your travellers are ready by getting them setup in your booking tool
  • Help your travellers feel safe, confident, and comfortable as they return to travel
  • How to update your policy and settings to reflect your company’s needs and goals
  • Where to get support and how to grow in your role
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Download the checklist: