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Oxford Instruments Customer Story

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Posted: 15 September 2020
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Oxford Instrument achieve cost savings through Egencia's online self booking tool

Customer Oxford Instruments are a global business supplying high technology tools and systems to diverse markets, offices and manufacturing sites in over 25 locations around the world. It is therefore of no surprise that Oxford Instrument is always on the look out for ways of improving their travel management processes. Challenge When Ian Wright joined Oxford Instruments he was new to the role of corporate travel and was given the objective of transforming Oxford Instrument’s corporate travel programme within the UK. Before moving to Egencia the company used a travel agency offering an offline service with no online solution. The organisation had no control or visibility over spend and monitoring capabilities proved non-existent. In addition, Ian found that for every £1 that was spent on a business trip within the company, there was £2 leakage with non-approved suppliers. Solution After reviewing a number of providers, he identified Egencia as the one whose online capabilities were able to ensure the successful management of their travel programme. Buy-in from Management and Board level executives was essential in ensuring a mandated environment. This company wide buy-in helped convince any reluctant employees that consolidation was essential.

Face to face training sessions were held across the UK, training travel bookers on the Egencia self booking tool. WebEx sessions and various training materials were offered to those that were unable to attend the sessions. Online reports helped track the programmes progress and identify new opportunities. During the first 3 month working with Egencia, Oxford Instrument experienced 65% online adoption and 60% savings on transaction costs. Read the full story here
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