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Modern corporate travel management
for the fast-changing travel landscape

Manage risk. Support traveller well-being. Plan for the future. 
How can Egencia™ help you modernise your corporate travel programme?

The only proven global B2B travel tech platform

Egencia is always working to deliver travellers, travel managers, and travel arrangers unrivalled choice, value, and experience, with the powerful backing of Amex GBT.

We’re in a league of our own

The world’s business travel platform

  • Companies of all sizes in more than 60 countries trust Amex GBT Egencia to modernise their corporate travel programmes.
  • We deliver simple, consumer-like business travel that users love and fast, knowledgeable support for unexpected moments.
  • With a globally consistent platform and skilled travel programme management, rest assured that your travel programme is optimised to manage risk while maximising ROI.
Worlds Business Travel Platform
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Ready to update your travel programme?

If now is the time to redesign your corporate travel programme to manage risk, support traveller
well-being and monitor your travel spend, this toolkit can help.

Amex GBT Egencia helps you stay connected

14 million business trips were made with Amex GBT Egencia last year. As your travel management company, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Managing travel risk

Travel risk management has never been more important. Find out how you can manage risk, deliver duty of care and make your business travellers feel secure.

  • A comprehensive and quickly adaptable business travel policy is crucial. Use this free guide to help you create a travel policy that adapts to your needs.
  • Make traveller well-being a priority. Inform, alert and assist them in real time via the mobile app and online booking tool.
  • Reduce risk by improving travel policy compliance.
Managing Travel Risk
Travelers Safety Checklist

Putting traveller well being first

You want employees to feel fully supported from the time they book until they return home. Amex GBT Egencia travel experts are ready to assist.

Savings and ROI

Even as the travel industry changes, businesses still need to make strategic decisions based on cost and ROI. Amex GBT Egencia can help you boost your bottom line.

Savins & ROI

Amex GBT Egencia empowers over 2 million business travelers to get the most out of their business travel. Shouldn’t you be one of them?

Amex GBT Egencia’s G2 Winter 2023 Awards

Enterprise Results Index for Travel Management
Enterprise Implementation Index for Travel Management
Enterprise Grid® Report for Travel and Expense
Enterprise Grid® Report for Travel Management
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Are you considering a return to business travel?

Amex GBT Egencia partners with Festive Road to offer a permissible travel framework to evaluate an organisation’s overall readiness to travel based on corporate, individual and government regulations.

Request a demo to see what Amex GBT Egencia travel management solutions can do for you.

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