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Sustainability and the future
of business travel

How to reduce CO2 emissions and build an eco-friendly travel programme.

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Meet your corporate sustainability goals

Sustainability is more than a buzzword — it's taken center stage as companies commit to protect natural resources, reduce CO2 emissions and make a positive impact with eco-friendly measures. Managing a business travel programme that supports sustainable travel is no exception.

If travelling sustainably is a priority, Egencia can help. You'll have access to resources to help you build a sustainable travel programme powered by business travel technology that gives your travellers the ability to lessen their carbon footprint.

What Egencia is doing about sustainability

Build a more sustainable travel

The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) reported in 2020 that most travel managers said they were asked to implement sustainable travel practices into their programmes. Travel managers need guidance to create policies that address climate change and reduce negative impacts on the planet, balance an eco-friendly travel programme with company goals, and provide data to get buy-in from stakeholders.

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How Egencia can help:

New feature: View air and rail options, side-by-side, to create multi-modal journeys to lessen your carbon footprint. Use the Air-Rail Display to compare time, cost and C02 impact and combine multiple types of transport for more efficient travel.

Air: View your carbon footprint in the booking path and add restrictions to your travel policy, such as preventing air travel to specific destinations.

Transportation: Select public transport options or search for eco-friendly car rentals like hybrid or electric vehicles.

Reporting: Get up-to-date data on carbon emissions for air, rail and hotel, allowing you to create customised reports to track your carbon footprint.

Consulting: Work with our sustainability consultants to identify gaps in your programme and travel policy, measure your environmental impact, evaluate supplier partnerships, and educate your travellers.

Carbon offset initiatives: Explore carbon offsetting opportunities through our Egencia Advantage partners, including Climate Neutral Group (CNG), atmosfair and Climate Partner for advice on certified sustainability projects.


5 steps to build a sustainable travel programme

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Green travel tips

Get onboard

Travelling by train can cut your carbon footprint up to 3 times of what flight would emit

Eco-friendly driving

Electric and hybrid cars emit up to 50% fewer emissions

Use renewable bottles

80% of 50B plastic water bottles sold every year and up in a landfill

Get your employees to embrace eco-friendly travel

At Egencia, travel managers can control how to cut down on carbon emissions. Travellers also wield significant impact with the choices they make, from opting to use renewable items when they travel or limiting layovers by reducing flight takeoffs when booking a trip.

Help your travellers have an eco-friendly travel experience:

  • Get a transparent view of a trip’s emissions in the booking path with real-life, contextual examples
  • Rent a hybrid or electric car
  • Look into public transport or regional rail options

Eco-friendly traveller tips

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