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11 great things about booking hotel on Egencia

11 great things you need to know about booking your hotel with Egencia

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Posted: 25 June 2018

We may not be able to give you one good reason to book your next business trip hotel with Egencia, but we can give you 11. If you tend to book a flight and leave the hotel for later, read on. Of course we save you time and money booking your business travel, but there are even more reasons that you should be booking your hotel on Egencia to make your trip an altogether better experience.

  1. Earn loyalty points

    You’re earning your salary on your trip and you can be earning loyalty points too! With Egencia it’s easy to add your loyalty programmes to your profile so you’re earning all the points you can.

  2. The choices are yours

    We know business travel begins with you... but sometimes your colleagues are there too. If you’re hoping to join them for dinner, or are trying to avoid them, we can tell you which hotel your colleagues book most during the year, so you get to have that choice!

  3. Get some extra sleep

    Sometimes being close to the office is the most important part of planning your trip. With a booking map that shows your office locations, you’ll be able to easily find the closest accommodation and know you are staying within your company’s business travel policy, all while being on time to your first meeting and getting some extra sleep.

    Booking a hotel on Egencia

  4. Avoid the mob

    Exciting things are happening all over the world, at any given time, but when you’re taking a business trip you may want to avoid some of the crowds and high hotel prices that go along with that excitement, when, and if, you can. 

  5. Less searching, more finding

    Finding your hotel shouldn’t be about searching, it should be about finding. We make finding easy with the option to sort or filter by name, brand, price, distance from office, travel ratings and even available amenities.

  6. Reviews with relevancy

    Sure, that adorable couple gave great reviews to the hotel they stayed at on their honeymoon, but you’re a business traveller. Does that same hotel have what you need? See real reviews from corporate travellers and get the right room for you. Check out our Top 100 Corporate Hotel winners for your next place to stay.

  7. Recover your memory

    Can’t remember the name of the great hotel you stayed in last time? No problem! If you have already booked your flight and want to add a hotel, we remind you of the last one you booked on your previous trip for the same destination.

  8. Say R.I.P to those receipts and book pre-paid

    No one likes filing expense reports. No. One. In fact, business travellers want to spend 23% less of their time filing expenses. Skip the expense report, book a prepaid hotel* instead and keep that time for something else – like enjoying some local cuisine.

  9. Download the Egencia app

    Because business travel is for business, who has time to think about a travel itinerary? Never wonder what’s next on your itinerary again when you use the Egencia app. We are with you every step of the way, keeping you one step ahead. 

  10. Getting around gets easier

    You may be fluent in six different languages, but business can take you places where even this linguistic prowess is useless... and you still need to get to your hotel. The Egencia app provides ground transport options to get you where you want to be, no foreign languages necessary.

  11. All alone in a strange city

    Your flight has been cancelled and you need a place to stay. Get an in-policy room for the night – last minute and with a great mobile-only discount in the Egencia app.

    Don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself how easy it is to book a hotel with Egencia.

      * Prepaid hotels are available depending on your company’s Hotel Programme

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