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Egencia Anaylicts Studio
Egencia Analytics Studio

Travel reporting that gives you actionable insights

Egencia Analytics Studio centralises all your booking data, giving you on-demand access and visibility to easily optimise your corporate travel programme and maximise savings.

Dynamic visuals, centralised data

Programme insights, actionable data, savings opportunities — all at your fingertips.

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Using data to drive your travel programme

Data is part of our daily lives. We leverage more than 189 billion rows of data to provide the best online experience for our customers and give travel managers the savings insights they need. Find out how the data in your travel programme can help you.

Total visibility into your travel programme

Easy access to data delivers everything you need to understand your business travel programme's performance. Monitor travel spend, view savings and identify opportunities to maximise programme performance through a central source for all your data. Get a birds-eye view into your transactions, policy compliance and online adoption by air travel, hotel, train and car rental.

  • Travel Summary and Executive Summary workspaces show you the overall health of your travel programme and offer the ability to monitor adherence to corporate travel policy compliance.
  • Crisis management and response reporting. Successful programmes can adapt to the ever-changing needs of your organisation. This was true before the impact of COVID-19 challenged companies globally and is even more crucial today. Egencia delivers reporting to assist with your duty of care and mitigate the financial impact on your business. See how COVID-19 travel reporting and insights can help you maintain risk management oversight.
  • Access and pivot your data directly with our API. We give you the keys to the car with programmatic access to summary- and transaction-level data so that you can connect the data to your systems and travel risk management partners.
Travel Summary
Maximize Savings

Maximise Savings

  • Egencia Analytics Studio presents your data in a meaningful way. Quickly and easily understand where your savings are coming from, review your programme spend and make adjustments to tune your programme. Discover and understand missed savings opportunities.
  • Track built-in savings with Savings Finder for Air and Hotel.

Find out how Analytics Studio helped Alexander Mann Solutions understand its carbon footprint.

Insights that empower data-driven decisions

Egencia Analytics Studio intuitively brings your data together in easy-to-understand visual workspaces. See intuitive metrics and dashboards like spend by advanced purchase windows, travel expense management, online adoption, fee spend and travel and lodging savings.

  • Carbon Emissions workspace lets you assess the overall carbon impact of your travel programme and opportunities for improvement.
  • Benchmark your travel programme against others similar to yours and find the specific actions you can take to improve policy performance and save money through hotel and air travel negotiations.
  • Market Share will help you gain a complete picture of your travel spend. Track your spend distribution among the airline, hotel, and car rental suppliers you use.
Benchmark Your Travel Program

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