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Save On Your Business Travel Spend With Egencia Savings Finder


Maximising business travel spend with Egencia Savings Finder technology

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If your organisation is preparing to redesign its travel programme post COVID-19, no doubt managing your business travel spend is high on your list of priorities. Risk management is number one, of course, but if your business is considering how to create a watertight programme that makes its money go further, then saving via your travel management company (TMC) is a big deal too.

With Egencia Savings Finder for Air and Hotel, your company could be saving an average of 14 percent on flights*and 7 percent on hotels**. Even better, getting these savings doesn't require any extra time or action from anyone in your business.

We spoke to industry experts at The Business Travel Show 2020 in London, to find out what the biggest spends in their travel programmes were, and how they approached getting a better deal on flight and hotels. Say goodbye to scroll-ache: watch the video to learn more.

Download the essential checklist for business travel savings to learn how moving to the right TMC will help your business save on travel.

*Figures per optimized booking for 2019 financial year
**Figures per optimized booking between 26/11/2019 – 06/03/2020

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